3 stars services


Facing the reception, the Snack-bar restaurant is open from the 31st march to the 5th November with a seven days a week service during the high season. You can take your breakfasts and meals on the wooden terrace. You will find fresh bread, French pastries but also a range of takeaways meals (Pizzas, paellas, mussels and french fries, oysters…) and daily specials cooked by a professional.

To do this, we offer you a snack very useful in case of the munchies. We also offer a fresh bread deposit service and ice packs for the preservation of your food. A laundromat is open and is equipped with washing machine, dryer and ironing board.

A laundromat is open and equipped with washing machines, a dryer and an ironing board. You also will take care of your little ones through our baby bath

You will enjoy Ré Island without cars. Whole of the Island is connect to the cycle paths. Indeed, you will go all over the Island thanks to the 100 kilometers of cycle paths. Every village is connected to each other. So, the camping LE PUMA rent bikes to you and your family (children bikes, adult bikes, tandem and electrically assisted bikes)

Every bike is equipped with a safety lock, a basket (within the limits of available stock) and lights. Moreover, child seats and child helmets are available for 1 €uro by day each. Finally, we will ask you a deposit of 300 € by bike which will be recovered after the bike checks

½ Day 4h Day 24h WEEK
Children 12”-16” (-5 yrs) 3 € 5 € 25 €
Children 20”-24” (5 to 10 yrs) 4 € 6 € 28 €
Adult 6 € 9 € 38 €
Tandem 9 € 15 € 60 €
Electrics- bikes 12 € 18 € 72 €